Customizable restaurant training manuals and templates!

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Ensure consistent training and improve guest satisfaction!

Use our restaurant training templates to develop consistent training for everyone on your restaurant team.

Your entire restaurant team must be well-trained in order to ensure the success of your restaurant. When employees receive inconsistent information or are unclear of their job responsibilities, it leads to high employee turnover and costs you customers and profit. With our templates, you will deliver consistent training with detailed information and instructions for everyone on the team.

A complete restaurant training system for your team!

Use our restaurant training manuals and templates to save a significant amount of time and money hiring and training your team. These comprehensive restaurant training manuals and templates will help you provide effective and consistent training and reinforcement. Since they are available as MS Word format, you can download, customize and begin training NOW!

Save Time & Money

Creating a restaurant training manual is a complex, time-consuming process. Save valuable time by using our restaurant training manual templates. You won’t have to conduct research, organize material, write a draft or input each manual. We do all the work for you — all you have to do is download and print the manuals to start training!

Provide Consistent Training

Consistency is essential in the restaurant industry if you want to be successful. Your valuable guests want to know they will be receiving the same high quality of food and service every time they enter your restaurant. Our training manual templates will help you and your employees reach this goal. You can ensure consistency by providing job specific manuals to every employee in a each position. You no longer need to worry about team members receiving incorrect or outdated information.

Deliver Cross Training & Prepare New Hires on Day 1

Everyone in your restaurant will be properly trained which will increase productivity and employee morale. So when new employees are hired or employees are required to fill in temporarily for another position, you can ensure that they will know how to do the job properly.  As a result, your entire team will be able to create a great experience for your guests.


Our comprehensive training templates will help you deliver…

Service Standards

Establish and communicate service standards for each team member


Consistent training and reinforcement leads to a consistent guest experience

Employee Engagement

Studies show when employees understand their role and performance expectations, they are more prepared and motivated to exceed expectations

Guest Satisfaction

Happy Guests + Positive Reviews = Increased Repeat Business and Profit

Restaurant management template users include…

Independent Bars, Restaurants and Hotels

Restaurant and Hotel Franchisees

Pubs and Inns

Theater, Entertainment and Bowling Complexes

Resorts and Conference Facilities

any-device restaurant training manuals

Download, Customize and Start Training Today

When you purchase the training package, you will receive an email with a link download the templates immediately.

Since all restaurants operate a little differently, our restaurant management template packages are completely customizable. So you can add pictures or change information to suit your business model.  As a result, every employee in your restaurant can be trained according to your standards.

Our goal is to enable you to spend less time and money on training so you can focus on expanding your business!

We look forward to serving you.